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#SciAmBlogs Thursday - flying monkeys, amoebas, raptors, Turing, Mars, Saturn, Pygmies, Klout, and more.

- Rob Dunn - Occam’s Razor, Flying Monkeys and Musings on Lager Beer - Ian Watson - How Alan Turing Invented the Computer Age - Psi Wavefunction - Pond water microforay: amoebae gone wild - Laura Walsh - USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: My Walden South of Los Angeles - Matthew Sturm - SnowSTAR-2012: Convergence - Scicurious - Experimental Biology Blogging: Every once in a while, a double cheeseburger might not be so bad for the heart. - Caleb A...

STAFFApril 27, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

Addiction Through Local Voices

Because I live in New York City I tend to write stories on urban addiction. In contrast, here are stories from localized news effort, wisdoms on the pervasive and devastating effects of addiction touching communities across the country -- all stories from just this week...

April 26, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

A Giant New World

Video of the Week #40 April 25th, 2012 From: A New World on the Outside of a Raleigh Museum by Scott Huler at Plugged In .

April 25, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

The 4th U.S. Case of Mad Cow Disease: Should You Be Concerned?

On April 24, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported the fourth confirmed case of mad cow disease in the U.S., the first since 2006. In an official statement, the department’s chief veterinary officer John Clifford said that the animal (a dairy cow from central California), “was never presented for slaughter for human consumption, so at no time presented a risk to the food supply or human health.” That’s good news: it means that the USDA protection system—banning cattle that cannot walk on their own and testing them for disease—worked...

April 25, 2012 — Philip Yam

Experimental Biology Blogging: Hallucinating Zebrafish

It’s day 4 of the Experimental Biology meeting, and I looked at a poster using zebrafish as a model for behavioral effects of hallucinogens, but there was also a great symposium on treatments for affective disorders, as well as great posters on stress, serotonin systems, and more...

April 25, 2012 — Scicurious

Russell Brand's Insight on Crime and Addiction

One thing I've learned through stories from addicts in the Bronx is just how deeply drugs infiltrate the prison system. Brought in through family members or by correctional officers themselves, addicts routinely tell me the same story: obtaining drugs and maintaining an addiction in prison is simple...

April 25, 2012 — Cassie Rodenberg

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