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#SciAmBlogs Monday - obesity drugs, stress and depression, Tunguska Event, health care reform, Prometheus, Wollemi pine, Higgs and more.

 - Judy Stone - A Glut of Obesity Drugs? - Scicurious - Stress and Depression and…Neuritin? - David Bressan - June 30, 1908: The Tunguska Event - Ilana Yurkiewicz - Thinking through health care reform: a compilation of diverse perspectives - Scott Huler - Get Used to It - Robynne Boyd - Heat Waves and Water Use Go Hand-in-Hand - Ferris Jabr - A Contemplation of Chattering Minds - Daniel Grushkin and Wythe Marschall - The Life Engineers: Prometheus asks, is a culture as stupid as ours ready to create new life? - Jennifer Frazer - The Lost Valley of the Wollemi Pine - Christie Wilcox - Social Media for Scientists Part 6: The Wiki - Krystal D'Costa - Talking With Our Hands: The Significance of Gestures - George Musser - What Is the Higgs Boson?...

STAFFJuly 3, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic
A Blog Around The Clock

New research center in Madagascar opens today

Today, renowned primatologist Dr. Patricia Wright, and the Prime Minister and the Minister of Higher Education of Madagascar will unveil and open NamanaBe Hall (which translates as Friendship Hall) - a new research, arts and community outreach building in Ranomafana, Madagascar.The 1,440 square meter building is as 'green' as can be - built out of local materials (locally-sourced granite, brick, and eucalyptus flooring), with work by local artisans and craftsmen, it has gardens and solar panels on the roof, gray water recycling, solar hot water, natural cooling, and enhanced use of daylight...

July 2, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic
Plugged In

Heat Waves and Water Use Go Hand-in-Hand

With excessive heat spreading across the country, people are seeking relief by retreating indoors, turning up the AC, and staying well hydrated. In many parts of the country, particularly the Southeast and Southwest, the heat is exacerbated by ongoing drought, which means water is on everyone's mind and is being used at increased rates.It's common during extended periods of hot and dry weather, like we're experiencing now, for water use to increase, emailed Nancy Barber, Hydrologist with USGS Georgia Water Science Center.Most noticeable, explained Barber, is the increased demand for electricity for air conditioning, which means more water use at thermoelectric power plants – an amount that's already high...

June 30, 2012 — Robynne Boyd

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