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Hospital merger d j vu

For past decades I’ve vacationed in mid-coast Maine, an enjoyable respite from sweltering Washington, D.C. weather. When I returned to Boothbay Harbor last week, I was dismayed to learn that local St...

August 13, 2012 — Judy Stone

Open Laboratory 2013 - submissions so far

It is now expected by the science blogosphere that I post the full updated listing of all the submissions every Monday morning. This serves as a reminder for bloggers to submit their (and other people’s) posts, and to some extent prevents duplicate entries...

STAFFAugust 13, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

The Brain-Eating Amoeba in Minnesota -- Live

Last Thursday I received an email from the media coordinator for Scientific American about a brain-eating microbe. It's not every day you get to answer the call of duty on one of those.Minnesota Public Radio had asked to interview me about a microorganism suspected in the death of a young boy in the state this year -- only the second time in the state's history and the second in two years...

August 12, 2012 — Jennifer Frazer

Bora's Picks (August 10th, 2012)

Waking Up by Shara Yurkiewicz : ....Someone please tell me how to make a box in my mind and put patients into it and seal it and make the patients stay in there until I say they can come out and–actually, on second thought–maybe I’ll just never let them out...

STAFFAugust 10, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

Curiosity has landed!

Video of the Week #55 August 10th, 2012: From: NASA Lands Car-Sized Rover Near Martian Mountain by Joanne Manaster at PsiVid . Source: NASA This week, NASA’s team of engineers in charge of landing Mars Rover Curiosity, accomplished the grand feat of landing the largest rover ever built onto Mars using a novel engineering concept called the sky crane, a contraption with rockets to slow down the descent and landing of the rover on the surface of Mars...

August 10, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

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