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Globin duplication was the key to a healthy heartbeat

Summary: Scientists show that vertebrate-specific globins originated in two rounds of genome duplication. We vertebrates work for our O2. Whether we’re a fish or antelope, we all have gills and lungs to filter oxygen out of air or water...

November 14, 2011 — Lucas Brouwers

How to not get trampled by an angry elephant

What sort of nature photographer lies down in front of an enraged bull elephant?How about the little remote-control kind? Meet BeetleCam:Wildlife photographers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas modified an RC car by beefing up the motor to support a Canon 400D camera and flash units...

November 14, 2011 — Alex Wild

What they re saying about The Great Dinosaur Discoveries

Back in 2009 University of California Press (in the USA) and A & C Black (in the UK) published my The Great Dinosaur Discoveries (GDD from hereon), a lavishly illustrated volume that takes the reader through the history of dinosaur science [US edition shown here; UK edition shown below]...

November 14, 2011 — Darren Naish

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