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Public bathrooms house thousands of kinds of bacteria

…especially on toilets which, by the way, saved humanity, changed our ecology, and made the modern city possible. If you are the sort of person who does not like to use public restrooms, I will warn you right now, this article is going to cause you some concern...

November 23, 2011 — Rob Dunn

A Taste of Science for Turkey Day

It's Thanksgiving, and the Time Lord and I have repaired to Las Vegas for our annual holiday tradition of poker, spa treatments, shopping, and dining -- including the obligatory Thai meal at Lotus of Siam...

November 23, 2011 — Jennifer Ouellette

Audio interview with `Wild' author Jay Griffiths

Jay Griffiths is the author of a wonderful book called 'Wild'. Although 'Wild' was published five years ago, it is growing in word-of-mouth popularity and has recently struck a cord with musicians, which perhaps has something to do with the lyrical and poetic quality of her writing.Earlier this year, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien recommended 'Wild' on the Radiohead blog; Nicolai Fraiture, the bassist for The Strokes, who interviewed Jay last month; and KT Tunstall has written that 'Wild' is her favourite book and has quoted from 'Wild' in her album 'Tiger Suit'...

November 23, 2011 — Christine Ottery

Frog-killing fungus is a skin-loving hybrid

These are not the best of times for amphibians. All around the world, populations of frogs, salamanders and newts are declining. At least 489 species (7.8% of all known amphibians) are nearing extinction...

November 23, 2011 — Lucas Brouwers

Molecules to Medicine: Should pepper spray be put on (clinical) trial?

Pepper spray is all over the news, following the Occupy Wall Street protests, particularly following the widely disseminated images and videos of protestors being sprayed in NY, Portland, and UCDavis.Before that, I knew and occasionally used its main ingredient, capsaicin, as a treatment for my patients with shingles, an extremely painful Herpes zoster infection...

November 23, 2011 — Judy Stone

Bacteria that live on the Atkins Diet

Bacteria have adapted to live in many niches; from the environmental bacteria that live in the soil and the seas, to the highly specialised intracellular bacteria that rely exclusively on their surrounding host for nutrients...

November 23, 2011 — S.E. Gould

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