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Why Do Some Like It Hot?

Ed Note: My SciAm colleagues Bora Zivkovic and Jason Goldman recently re-posted their excellent discussions on our mad affair with peppers. As Jason rightly notes, pepper—in the form of pepper spray—has been in the news much of late and people are horrified at its potential to hurt...

December 2, 2011 — Krystal D'Costa

World AIDS Day 2011

How bad a biomedical science blogger am I! I have been so flat out with all my other projects that I completely missed World AIDS Day. I feel a little dim about that but never fear as I was sent a great Q & A The Journal of Infectious Diseases has put together and I strongly suggest you all check it out.You can find the Q & A at this Oxford University Press page...

December 1, 2011 — James Byrne

Kites: A Favorite Toy's "Magnificent Future"

Saul Griffith likes kites - but not the kind that you might have flown during your childhood. I'm talking about kites with wingspans bigger than a Boeing 747 - kites that are capable of generating (several times) more electricity than today's stationary wind turbines...

December 1, 2011 — Melissa C. Lott

Thrifty Thursday: Prairie on the Cusp of Winter

Thrifty Thursdays feature photographs taken with equipment costing less than $500. [ Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 - $241] By now the Illinois prairies have traded their summer greens for fall browns and golds...

December 1, 2011 — Alex Wild

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