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Aust. Government provides incentive for vaccination

Something that has really gotten to me in the last few years is the rise and rise in volume of the anti-vaccination movement. Particularly in Australia this movement has started to enter the public consciousness and continue to spout their nonsense into the public arena...

December 2, 2011 — James Byrne

How do we make room for pink microscopes? (More thoughts on gendered science kits.)

As we've been considering the hazards of gendered science kits for kids, some have suggested that it is simplistic to paint pink microscopes as an unalloyed evil.One response on the potential value of girls' science kits comes from Meghan Groome at Pathways to Science: As someone who studies the formation of science identity in middle school students, I see everyday how girls try to navigate acceptable girl identities with those teachers look for to identify science talent...

December 2, 2011 — Janet D. Stemwedel

Dipping with the Stars

Most systems in the body have a rhythm, a daily cycle. Interrupting that rhythm can have detrimental consequences. Shifting sleep cycles can alter mental status and increase errors that result in accidents...

December 2, 2011 — Pascale Lane

Exoplanets: I'll Stop the World and Melt With You

What lies beneath such turbulent skies? (NASA/JPL) Gas giant planets are among the most beautiful and awe-inspiring worlds. In our own solar system we've long gazed at Jupiter's extraordinary swirling atmosphere, where stormy circulations like the Great Red Spot persist for centuries...

December 2, 2011 — Caleb A. Scharf

Why Do Some Like It Hot?

Ed Note: My SciAm colleagues Bora Zivkovic and Jason Goldman recently re-posted their excellent discussions on our mad affair with peppers. As Jason rightly notes, pepper—in the form of pepper spray—has been in the news much of late and people are horrified at its potential to hurt...

December 2, 2011 — Krystal D'Costa

World AIDS Day 2011

How bad a biomedical science blogger am I! I have been so flat out with all my other projects that I completely missed World AIDS Day. I feel a little dim about that but never fear as I was sent a great Q & A The Journal of Infectious Diseases has put together and I strongly suggest you all check it out.You can find the Q & A at this Oxford University Press page...

December 1, 2011 — James Byrne

Kites: A Favorite Toy's "Magnificent Future"

Saul Griffith likes kites - but not the kind that you might have flown during your childhood. I'm talking about kites with wingspans bigger than a Boeing 747 - kites that are capable of generating (several times) more electricity than today's stationary wind turbines...

December 1, 2011 — Melissa C. Lott

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