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How To Attract An Entomologist

[the following is a modified repost from PhotoSynthesis , 2009] Step 1. Locate a suitable patch of forest, field, or desert.Step 2. Wait for a warm, moonless summer night.Step 3.

December 6, 2011 — Alex Wild

Technology Transfer From Lab to Marketplace

The U.S. is currently home to a suite of national laboratories that conduct cutting-edge research. Throughout the country, this network of 17 labs (overseen by the Department of Energy) focuses on a wide array of basic science and engineering questions...

December 6, 2011 — Melissa C. Lott

The Man Who Put the "Big" in "Big Bang": Alan Guth on Inflation

On the night of December 6, 1979--32 years ago today--Alan Guth had the “spectacular realization” that would soon turn cosmology on its head. He imagined a mind-bogglingly brief event, at the very beginning of the big bang, during which the entire universe expanded exponentially, going from microscopic to cosmic size...

December 6, 2011 — Davide Castelvecchi

All the whales of the world, ever (part I)

It’s apparently a good idea in scientific blogging to produce ‘clearing house’ blog articles every now and again: that is, articles that include links to all of your other articles on a given subject...

December 6, 2011 — Darren Naish

What is a `natural' sleep pattern?

Nothing too complicated today, but something you should all know (originally from March 13, 2006). I have mentioned this in my older post: in a natural state, humans do not sleep a long consecutive bout throughout the night (except in the middle of the summer in low latitudes)...

December 5, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

Endangered Ozark Hellbender Salamanders Breed in Captivity for the First Time

"In my 24 years in the zoo business, this is one of the most exciting periods I've been through so far," says Jeff Ettling, curator of herpetology and aquatics at the Saint Louis Zoo.He's talking about the birth of 185 baby Ozark hellbender salamanders ( Cryptobranchus alleganiensis bishopi ) at the zoo's Ron Goellner Center for Hellbender Conservation, which has a dozen or so additional eggs ready to hatch...

December 5, 2011 — John R. Platt

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