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African colonization helped spread HIV and AIDS more than a century ago, study says

Although acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) didn't hit mainstream collective consciousness until the early 1980s, new research out of the University of Arizona in Tucson indicates that the most pervasive global strain of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) began spreading among humans between 1884 and 1924, a finding that suggests growing urbanization in colonial Africa set the stage for the HIV/AIDS pandemic...

October 1, 2008 — Larry Greenemeier

Nuclear proliferation: Are we moving toward Cold War 2.0?

If you thought the Cold War was over—that long nuclear standoff that shaped the last five decades of the 20th century—think again. Following his American counterpart, and perhaps prompted by new tensions over the war in Georgia and the agreement between the U.S...

September 30, 2008 — David Biello

Is testosterone to blame for the financial crisis?

If you've been blaming reckless men for the collapse of America's leading investment houses and the plunging markets, you may be on to something. High levels of testosterone are correlated with riskier financial behavior, new research suggests...

September 30, 2008 — Jordan Lite

The real McCain-Obama debate over bear DNA

When the presidential nominees verbally duked it out during their first televised debate Friday night, many people -- including perhaps Democrat Barack Obama -- were flummoxed when Republican John McCain started railing about forking over funds to study bear DNA...

September 28, 2008 — Lisa Stein

Am I a narcissist? Ask Facebook--Or me!

A friend I’ve been trying to convince to join Facebook forwarded me a LiveScience story this afternoon about a study that found that a person’s narcissism can be predicted by how he or she uses the popular social networking site...

September 26, 2008 — Ivan Oransky

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