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Khalil’s Picks (22 November 2013)

Another week, more great stuff. We have a great selection today which will make your weekend really really good. Dig in! – A New Kind of Food Science: How IBM Is Using Big Data to Invent Creative Recipes by Aatish Bhatia Computers are constantly getting smarter...

STAFFNovember 22, 2013 — Khalil A. Cassimally

Creativity, Madness and Drugs

San Diego—Would we have Poe’s Raven today if the tormented author had taken lithium to suppress his bipolar illness? Not likely, considering the high frequency of psychiatric illnesses among writers and artists, concluded psychiatrist Kay Jamison of Johns Hopkins Medical School speaking last week at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in San Diego...

November 22, 2013 — R. Douglas Fields

Does Your Dog Love You Back?

You love your dog. Does your dog love you back? Is the love that an owner feels for her dog reciprocated? That's the question that a group of Swedish and Danish researchers wanted to answer...

November 21, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

The Zombies In Our Midst

Every Halloween, we find ourselves surrounded by zombies, vampires, ghouls, and other mythical monsters. But even though this is the one day each year that we consciously realize we are surrounded by these creatures (at least in their human-costumed forms), are we surrounded by more common forms of these monsters every day without even realizing [...]..

October 31, 2013 — Melanie Tannenbaum

I’m going to SfN!

I’m thrilled to be going to the 2013 Society for Neuroscience conference in beautiful San Diego this year! If you would like me to stop by your poster or presentation in order to feature it on this blog, please do get in touch...

October 30, 2013 — Princess Ojiaku

Celebrations of Mind Honor Math’s Best Friend, Martin Gardner

Every fall provides a special excuse for all thinking people to celebrate recreational math, magic and rationality, some of the things that were dear to America’s greatest man of letters and numbers, former Scientific American columnist Martin Gardner (1914 ­– 2010), via Celebration of Mind events...

October 29, 2013 — Colm Mulcahy

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide (From Predators)

Probably the worst thing to happen to you, if you’re an animal playing the game of life, is to be eaten by some bigger beast. If you’ve already managed to successfully reproduce by then, as far as evolution is concerned, maybe it’s OK for you to shuffle off that mortal coil...

October 29, 2013 — Jason G. Goldman

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Dwindling Supply. Increasing Demand.

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