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A Brief History of Mental Illness in Art

"Historically, many cases of demonic possession have masked major psychiatric disorder[s]."-Kazuhiro Tajima-Pozo et. al. BMJ Case Reports 2009"Juana (also known as Joanna and Joan) of Castile was born in Toledo, Spain on 6 November 1479, the third child of Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon...

STAFFMay 23, 2013 — Ferris Jabr

Illusion of the week: It Kind Of Looks Like a Building

The New York Daily News sums up this story better than I can: Apparently, after thinking long and hard, the mouthpiece for China's Communist Party was cocksure that the erection of a new headquarters would be warmly received — but they blew it.  Read more:

May 22, 2013 — Stephen L. Macknik

Recipe for a Photograph #2: Bee in Flight

Few insects so conspicuously mark the arrival of late spring in North America as Xylocopa virginica carpenter bees. Males are especially visible as they raucously guard territories around females' wooden burrows...

May 22, 2013 — Alex Wild

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