I write what I write to deface societal stigma on addiction. To properly ID and answer just what sort of stigma, I've made a Tumblr blog dedicated to the many facades addiction wears. By turn, substance abuse is an escape, an answer, a blow, a villain, a mystery, a joke, a tragedy.

With this, I mean to brick together the conceptions, good, bad and ugly, that we harbor towards drug abuse. We have Tumblr blogs dedicated to addiction recovery boosts, harbingers on the harm of drugs, and crusaders for addiction treatment, but I think we should have a (relatively) non-biased look at the spectrum of how we view the topic. Alone, treatment cheerleading and scare tactics do little -- we need to see everything: feel the pain, the hope, the euphoria, the fear. I won't edit these, simply reblog thoughts/writings/images that I find on all sides of the issue to create a more lush portrait. Please follow along, and tell me what you think.