In lieu of this month's events in Connecticut and beyond, it's my privilege to lend my platform to another voice, one who runs alongside the mission of this blog, and one of the smartest scientists and bravest people I know. Please read the post below, and for my view on violence, mental health and public health reporting, please see here.


Hi folks. I am a friend of Cassie Rodenberg (one of the friends that thinks she should have stayed in science). She has let me appear as a guest poster on her White Noise blog, because, I feel, given the events of the last week, it’s time to have a dialogue about mental health. It’s time for people to STOP being afraid to tell someone you have a brain issue. Name me one person who would be afraid to discuss their double bypass or cardiac issue. I dare you.

Personally, I am diagnosed PTSD, general anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and life-threatening panic attacks from blood pressure spikes.

I am also a successful scientist undergoing effective treatment.

The best advice I can give is to see a doctor if you feel nervous or depressed. Even if it feels mild, like a lump in your throat. That was the crux my Facebook post. I want mental health stigmatization to disappear. Not just as an angry sufferer, but to try to do some part, small as it may be. My Facebook thread below (anonymized) follows this introduction.