March 1 -- Chemicals used in K2 and Spice, smokeable herbal products that elicit a marijuana-like high, are regulated as Schedule 1 drugs by the DEA

April 19 -- Over 5,300 sites join the DEA's second "Take-Back Prescription Drugs" mission, a community effort to collect unwanted, unused or expired prescription medication

June 30 -- Operation "Pill Mill" arrests made for distribution of hundreds of thousands of illegal oxycodone pills

July 14 -- Nevada police make a record 208-pound seizure of methamphetamine

July 20 -- Over 13,000 marijuana plants seized in Southern Utah

July 23 -- Amy Winehouse dies from alcohol overdose

October 21 -- MDPV and mephedrone (common components of 'bath salts' stimulant) classified as a Schedule 1 Drug

November 30 -- Officials discover a major U.S.-Mexico smuggling tunnel in San Diego and seize a record 32 tons of marijuana

December 14 -- Alcohol and tobacco use cited at a historic low among teens but levels of marijuana, prescription drug and alternate tobacco products use remain high

December 23 -- 'No refusal' DUI programs now cover 30 states, where police can obtain warrants to take suspected drunk drivers' blood samples if suspects refuse breathalyzer tests

For a more extensive write-up as well as statistics, see Neurobonkers' "2011: The Year in Drugs."