Welcome back to You Should Know, my weekly #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and Blogs you may not yet know about. This is installment number 12.

Introducing...Pinar Gurel and CauseScience

Pinar is one half of the writers behind CauseScience, a blog where scientists are passionate about.... Science! CauseScience is a new science blog, founded in April 2014 by a neuroscientist and a biochemist who LOVE science. CauseScience is really a science news blog that brings the passion and enthusiasm of science insiders to the public. Science interest, advocacy, and explanation -- that's what the blog is about and that's what they deliver - from space science to medicine to funding issues and how the public responds to breaking science-related news. I especially like the mix of short notes and more thorough medium length pieces they share.

Pinar Gurel is a graduate student at the Geisel School of Medicine at Darmouth College where she anticipates graduating in November 2014. Her work is in Biochemistry and she is working on actin cytoskeleton. Her work has big implications for understanding kidney and neurological diseases. Although she primarly does research, she is also involved in a lot of outreach and policy initiatives. Pinar also recieved her BS in Chemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2009.

In her own words:

As scientists and people that are passionate about science, in my blog, we feel that science is regularly ignored or misconstrued, and it seems that society desperately needs a cause supporting science. This blog will attempt to draw attention to the cause that is science. beCause… Science. Posts include current hot topics in science, debated topics in science (and things that shouldn't be debated..) fun, funny, or cool posts about why science is fascinating, and more.

Links to some of her engaging material:

Science and Society: An Observation

A Success Story: How pouring money into scientific research has helped fight HIV/AIDS

Justin Bieber, Game of Thrones, World Cup Soccer, and… Science? We need fans too!!

You can engage Ms. Gurel at the following social media services:

Twitter: @pinar_gurel and @CauseScience1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/causescience1


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