Welcome to the fourteenth installment of You Should Know, where I give my own #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and Blogs you may not yet know about.

Introducing...Lauren Sakowski and NeurocultureBlog.

NeurocultureBlog is home to neuroscience graduate student, Lauren Sakowski. She is currently working on her PhD in neuroscience at the University of Delaware. She received her B.S from Mount St. Mary's University in 2009. and expects to graduate soon. Ms. Sakowski is currently a graduate research assistant at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children in the Department of Biomedical Research also works in the Neurogenetics Research Laboratory, characterizing a new mouse model of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease and working on pre-clinical trials to treat inflammation.

Ms. Sakowski is a molecular biologist with an interest in neuroscience (degenerative disease, anxiety/depression) as well as journalism and editing. NeuroCultureBlog reflects all of her interests.

In her own words:

I alternate between reviewing recent publications in neuroscience, mainly neurodegenerative disesase, and grad school life.

Links to some of her engaging material:

For the Young Scientist <<< read this one especially!!! I often sing the very song she quotes to inspire/uplift my self. Truth to Power! Thank you Lauren for this post.

On Academic Guilt

Top 5 of 2013

You can engage Ms. Sakowski at the following social media services:

Twitter: @LaSaks87

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