Welcome to the seventeenth installment of You Should Know, where I give my own#ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and the Blogs you may not yet know about.


Introducing Umberto Cannella, also known as Dr. Cinnamon!

Dr. Cinnamon, the blog, is based on Dr. Cannella’s personal exploration of the physical sciences. Through his posts he reflects two important interpretation of the physical sciences: 1) the charm of concepts that sound like science fiction, and 2) the very fleshy appearance of these concepts in everyday life. He often incorporates creative language, imagery and video to highlight the deep connection to the concepts. He’s not afraid to use both mainstream and unconventional ways of communication. A prime example is his awesome rhyme about the God particle. His love for rap and physics came together for the Ode to Higgs, link to post below.


Dr. Umberto Cannella received his PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Currently he is a High School teacher is Switzerland teaching math and physics. But don’t let television sitcoms like the Big Bang Theory fool you, physicists can be socialable, and Dr. Cinnamon is just that - a socialable physicist!


In his own words:

I'm passionate about the invisible and I love to make it come visible to people by sharing its meaningfulness with them. I find this [social media, rap lyrics] a beneficial way of presenting content to a multifaceted audience that could find itself wondering: “who cares about physics today?”

Links to some of his engaging material:

Ode to Higgs

No Latino Left Behind

Gravity: the dance of Space and Time

You can learn more about or engage with Dr. Cinanmon through:

Website: Dr. Cinnamon

Twitter: @Doctor_Cinnamon and @SciEmotion

Facebook Fan page: www.facebook.com/SciEmotion

Connect with him and be sure to leave a comment at one of his blog posts. There’s no better way to engage and encourage under celebrated bloggers than joining the conversation. Tell him you found him via The Urban Scientist (me, @DNLee5) and #ScholarSunday.


I hope you’re enjoying this series of blog posts. If so, then I’d love to shine the spotlight on additional science blogs and scientists and help spread the word of amazing science outreach. If you know of a great science blog and/or science blogger who you think is amazing and would like to help spread the word about how amazing they are, then submit them. Now accepting recommendations for upcoming Science Blogger Spotlight for upcoming weeks.