Welcome to the nineteenth installment of You Should Know, where I give my own #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and Blogs you may not yet know about.

Introducing...Dr. Brandeis Marshall and csdoctorsister chits

csdoctorsister chits represents the different facets of Dr. Marshall's individual personality: she is a Doctor, and Sister, and knows her Computer Science. Plus, she wanted to use the blog as beacon for the growing numbers of Black females pursuing PhD education in computer science. She uses the blog is to break down some STEM stereotypes, even if it's one reader at a time. She hopes that her posts are helpful not only to under represented minority STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics( faculty, but also to any students from under-represented groups, also. The academy, or "ivory tower" can be an isolating and mysterious place. Dr. Marshall discusses the tenets of academic life - researching, teaching and servicing in higher education to being the unique, yet empowering, cross-section of #BLACKandSTEM in academia.

Dr. Brandeis Marshall received her BS in Computer Science from the University of Rochester. She later earned her MS and her PhD in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Marshall is a tenured Associated Professor of Computer Science in the Computer and Information Sciences department at Spelman College. She recently transitioned to Spelman College from Purdue University where she was a tenured Associate Professor in the Computer and Information Technology department. She has lead several federally funded science grants including the National Science Foundation Broadening Participation in Data Mining Program and co-lead the Information Security Research and Education Collaborative.

In her own words

My research interests are in the areas of information retrieval, knowledge management, data mining and social media for applications within cybersecurity/information assurance and aviation. My research mission is aimed at effective assessment and summarization of data in order to create valuable knowledge through labelled, unlabeled and fixed-length data analysis.

Links to some of her engaging material:

Research, Teaching and Service: Let's talk teaching:


5 Tips for the Black Woman in Computing:

You can learn more about or engage with Dr. Marshall through:

Twitter: @csdoctorsister

Personal Website:brandeismarshall.com

Blog: csdoctorsister.blogspot.com/

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