Welcome to the twenty-first installment of You Should Know, where I give my own #ScholarSunday salute to Science Bloggers and the Blogs you may not yet know about.

Introducing...Dr. Anna Wood and The Science of Scientific Learning

The Science of Scientific Learning is a blog features discussions about issues in the learning and teaching of science. It is written from a scientific perspective, bringing in published evidence as well as experiences of both learning and teaching.

Dr. Anna Wood, earned her BSc and PhD in Physics from the University of Durham, UK. After a career in Physics, Dr. Wood decided to go back to school, and recently graduated with her MSc in E-learning from the University of Edinburgh, UK. She is currently blogging full time while sharing her expertise in Physics all around the UK. With her degree in E-learning, Dr. Wood is now able to follow her Physics education research dreams and teach physics through technology and e-learning.

In her own words:

"I am particularly interested in how technology can be used to enhance physics education."

Links to some of her engaging material:

I passed! The surprising benefits of learning with a chronic illness

Flipping pedagogy, it's not just about what goes on in the classroom

Week 2 of STEM teaching MOOC

You can learn more or engage with Dr. Anna Wood through:

Twitter: @Annakwood

Website: http://learningfrome-learning.blogspot.com/

Connect with her and be sure to leave a comment at one of her blog posts. Tell her you found her via The Urban Scientist (me, @DNLee5) and #ScholarSunday.


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