Sharing pictures of beautiful wildflowers from Missouri. Oklahoma is growing on me, but sadly, I haven't seen any of these flowers growing here in the Sooner State.

Originally shared at Urban Science Adventures! © on July 1, 2009, Wordless Wednesday: Wild Flowers.


Butterfly milkweed - a prairie wildflower plant. It is found in prairies and sunny grasslands. Caterpillars love this plant, hence the name.


A type of Polygynum grass, I call it Mormon Grass (because the Latin name means many wives). It is a shade tolerant grass.


Daisy - a prairie plant wildflower.


Echinacea, also called purple coneflower - a prairie plant wildflower.

Both purple coneflowers and daisies are found in grasslands and fields. They are members of the Asteridea or Star flower arrangement family.


America lotus - a water plant. This is the flower of the 'water lily pads'.

These photos were taken of naturally occurring wild flowers growing in local city parks and nature areas in St. Louis, Missouri.