I am over-the-moon delighted to announce that Lindsey Murphy, a.k.a. Crazy Aunt Lindsey has successfully reached her crowdfunding goal to bring back her fan-favorite science edutainment show - The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey. I really wanted to see Season 3 and I am happy that you all wanted to see it, too.

Here is her short thank you response, here.

and her longer response outlining next steps of her project, including when you can start seeing fresh episodes of The Fab Lab drop, here.

The campaign doesn't officially end until midnight tonight, Nov 5. So I encourage everyone to continue donating. Push funds are always needed and appreciated in campaigns like this and Lindsey has already signed up to help share Fab-lab-ulous science with the Awesome and Amazing youth of the Big-Brained Superheroes Club of Seattle, Washington. I met two amazing girls from this club at Geek Girl Con this year when they came to the DIYSciZone and hung out with us.

So, please continue to donate and spread the word. Link to donate, here.

Congrats Lindsey. Thank you everyone!!!