Like this!

Once upon a time, you could go into a classroom - any grade level, any age, anywhere in the US - and ask children to describe what a scientist looks like. Almost invariably, most children would present an illustration of an older white male, with white hair, a mustache and/or beard wearing a lab coat and holding a steaming flask. Where were the women, or young people or persons of color? What about scientists who didn't wear lab coats or hold fuming flasks?

Well, thanks to a great push of outreach to women, girls, and to young people from every walk of life, that is all changing! And thanks to a new meme & Tumblr, This is What A Scientist Looks Like, you too can see the diversity is individuals, personalities, and science backgrounds of everyday people who happen to be all excited about science!

So how about joining the community? Together we can help create a beautiful mosaic of diversity of STEM like the pictures of my friends from science conferences.

The Next Diversity in Science Carnival celebrates Black History Month. Deadline to submit your post is Saturday, February 25th. Submit via the Blog Carnival Submission link.