As the title implies...Pictures of me with birds in my hand. Enjoy.

Newly fledged goldfinch that literally fell out of the sky.

It landed on the chest of one of my summer day campers in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri.

There was quite a stir among the kiddies and I quickly grabbed it up and snapped a gazillion pictures.

Me holding a goose feather by an artificial lake. Not as exciting, but it kind of fits the theme. LOL

Holding a fledgling male Cardinal. I talk about how I found him and keeping my eyes open.

Ruby Throated Humming Bird.

I caught this fellow on the patio and with much patience and persistence I cupped him. They are so very light in weight. I was amazed. I do what I always do - take a gazillion pictures! I even feed it some sugar water and could see its very small tongue flit out very quickly. I definitely feel like I came in contact with an angel with this experience, so surreal.