Opportunities abound!

The summer is a great time to decompress, relax, and strategize for the upcoming academic year—for every scholar—undergrad, grad student, post-doc, junior and senior faculty. For those of us engaged in active research or training/oversight, the summer break is a high activity time. We can dedicate intense attention to a project or 5.

With my transition to junior faculty underway, my attention to grants—for research, training, and teaching—is growing.

Here are two for your consideration.

1. Global Engineering Deans Council Airbus Diversity Award deadline as been extended!

I announced earlier about this great opportunity to honor a program that is doing groundbreaking and effective work to attract and retain diverse engineering talent. The application deadline for the 2016 GEDC Airbus Diversity Award has been extended to Monday 5thSeptember 2016. Don't dally. Prepare your application now and submit it before the hustle and bustle of the academic year hits you hard.

2. MIT Digital Currency Initiative Training Workshop

MIT Media Lab is hosting a hands-on introductory bootcamp on Cryptocurrencies for Underrepresented People of Color and Women. This is an amazing opportunity undergraduate students who want to get on the ramp to this burgeoning technological and financial markets product. Cryptocurrency is the future, it is now and most definitely global. The application cycle is very swift.

July 11: Applications Due
July 12-19: Phone Interviews Conducted
July 22: Notification Deadline
August 21-26: Bootcamp

Hat tip to Dr. Renetta Hull. I learned about these great opportunities because I follow her on Twitter. You should, too. @Renetta_Tull.