It's fall and lovely outside, but you also want to keep your students or grand/children engaged in fun activities. Well, take a look up and then down. Those beautiful autumn leaves are your inspiration and your activity prop.

Leaf rubbings are my favorite. FAVE-O-RITE* science arts-and-crafts, but you can do so much more*. And just in time for Halloween, Crazy Aunt Lindsey shows you how fun and easy it is to make your own leaf lanterns!

This would be a perfect Make-and-Take craft activity for kids who can take the lantern home to dry and use it as a night light. Or the lanterns could be the perfect alternative activity for families who aren't really into the spooky Halloween theme decorations. It's a perfectly inclusive activity for all kids who want to participate in fun fall festival activities.

Don't you want to run right out and do this activity? You should do it this weekend. Go gather (or buy your supplies this weekend and do it with the kids/grandkids or scouts, Sunday School kids, etc.)

Materials: mason jars, Modge Podge, fallen leaves pressed flat, Sponge/paint brush, bowl, tea lights/candles

Approximate time: 30-45 mins

And while I am at it, isn't Aunt Lindsey the best? This episode is from season one of her web science edutainment show The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey. (Follow her on Twitter @AuntLindsey) If you are like me and want to see more fun and engaging science shows by her, then join me and donate to her crowdfunding campaign. She needs to raise $10,000 by Thursday, November 6, 2014. Donate HERE!

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Have fun! and share your updates of you Do it this weekend and send me some love and pictures of you and the kids doing this at Urban Science Adventures! © Facebook page