Around the time I was negotiating terms with my future employer, this tweet cam across my timeline.

I saved it. When I officially signed the paperwork and submitted it I watched this video.


I took copious notes and I've been executing the good advice Dr. Avery August shares. I have a list of possible grants I plan to apply for and an idea notepad of all of the research and teaching ideas I plan to pursue when I arrive at SIUE.

Thank you iBiology and the National Research and Mentoring Network for this video series. They are are a help to so many people.

Admittingly, I'm still swirling in post-doc duties now. I'm trying to get some major things off of my plate so I won't have attend to any leftovers at my new position. And despite walking the same hallways as him, I have yet to meet Dr. August. So, now I have another thing to add to my To Do list before departing. Wish me luck.