My name is Danielle Lee; and I share science.

I've used that short sentence to start several of my seminar talks about science education, science communication and science outreach. For me, these three activities are heavily co-mingled. I weave in and through these arenas like an atom. It's quite natural for me. It's also very natural for many of my other science friends, especially fellow science bloggers like SciCurious. The week immediately following the kerfuffle, my friend and colleague SciCurious hosted a week of Guest Posts Standing with DNLee5: Let’s Get Voices Heard that was a direct answer to my response to the whole affair (quoted at Buzzfeed October 12, 2013)

“If that many people were going to come out in support of me, I’d rather it be in support of one of the missions that’s going to make me redundant. I am trying to make myself redundant, truth be told. It is a lonely place to constantly be the only one like you in science”

She offered a platform and megaphone to other scientists to discuss the state of diversity of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and the experiences of people of color in STEM along the pipeline. Six amazing, touching, poignant, and action-calling essays were penned by some of the best and brightest in STEM that you probably hadn't heard of before.

Guest Post 1: In the end, let’s make sure something good comes out. by Rim

Guest Post 2: Automatic ‘othering’ by Hermitage

Guest Post 3: If these blogs could talk: characterizing power, privilege, and everyday life in the sciences by Microagression Tumblr

Guest Post 4! Don’t Just Assume You Should Know: How To Be An Excellent Mentor by Ivonne Peña

Guest Post 5: Accommodasians don’t make waves. by AmasianV

Guest Post 6! Building STEM Bridges: Scientists Overcoming Isolation by Building Community by Caleph Wilson

plus Reflections from a Woman on “Otherness” in Medicine by Dr. Judy Stone at her blog Molecules to Medicine (also on the Scientific American Blog Network)

And the call to amplify new and diverse voices doesn't end there. We need to expand opportunities, as well as a listening ear, to newer voices still to come, just waiting for a chance and a platform. Here is where you can help and take #StandingwithDNLee to the next level. Join me in cultivating science communication opportunities for diverse science bloggers. My friend, colleague and STEM diversity collaborator, Dr. Alberto Roca, Founder of Diverse Scholar - a news zine that publishes articles about Diversity issues in STEM and Higher Education. Diverse Scholar is a finalist for the UNITY Journalists for Diversity NewU Startup Competition. The prize is a $20,000 seed grant, part of which will be used to cultivate training and writing opportunities for aspiring science communicators from diverse backgrounds.

Funds will be used to help us market the DiverseScholar Doctoral Directory to academic institutions to diversify their faculty candidate pools. Each sale of a directory places hundreds of diverse postdoc's CVs into the hands of faculty search committees! These postdocs will be diverse role models for the growing minority undergraduate student population. Funds will also be used to produce the next print issue of the DiverseScholar periodical and to create travel awards for future ScienceOnline and LATISM conferences (and other Affinity Social Media conferences).

Voting is active now an the deadline is Friday, November 29, 2013. You must vote for 2 finalists. You can review all 11 pitch videos and vote for Diverse Scholar and one other program. (My other favorite is EthnicDermMedia - another STEM advocate - and yes to disclaim - I know and follow Founder Eunice Cofie on social media. Again, this is a great way to support more diverse voices in STEM and science communication.)

You can only vote once from a single device. No need to check in daily to vote. But please vote today, and help spread the word.