The Annual Philanthropic throw down of Science Bloggers is done and tally is in!

Students WIN!

Science Bloggers for Students raised $25,359 and 17,122 public school students were reached! Thanks to the kind and very generous support from our blog readers, 309 members plus the matching donations from other supporting DonorsChoose organizations such as the DC Board of Directors, DC Friends & Family Foundation and the Horace Mann Foundation. Ocean and Geobloggers lead the pack raising over $6,000! Wow, that is impressive. (They must have promised rum to everyone. I know how those marine bloggers are. ARRRGGH!)

And a personal thank you to my readers and supporters for helping me my goal of raising more than $1,000 for high school science class in inner-city public school districts. With you help I was able to complete the fundraising request for 5 of my 6 projects.

Ms. Dupee's Class of Riverview Gardens High School in St. Louis still needs more than $700 to meet her goal for Let's Get Visual...Visual! She has until March 2, 2013, to raise the money. I hope people will still consider supporting this project, especially if you need to make some tax-deductible donations before the end of the year. I think you can still use the Match Code HORACEMANN12 at the check out to double your donations.

Again, thank you for your generosity and see you around town and the interwebz!