There was a lot of activity in the last hours of the Science Bloggers for Students campaign last night. It was better than any election coverage you'll watch tonight. Thanks to your help The Urban Scientist Giving Page we raised $962 dollars and helped 453 students. I feel great. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And I had a lump in my throat when I saw this note from one of my donors:

"I gave in honor of Henrietta Lacks (an African American woman from the south who became 1 of the most important figures in science) & her children, who I wrote a book about. They didn't have access to essential educational tools, which caused them great harm. I donate for them, for diversity in science, & for Memphis, where I once taught. Go Memphis!" ~ Rebecca Skloot, Author and former Memphian!

Wow! and Wow! If you didn't know Rebecca is true blue. She is real and very serious about helping families become aware of the science that affects their lives. I am grateful for the scientific advances made my Mrs. Lacks non-consented, uncompensated donations. But I am saddened to the core of the economic and educational conditions that resulted in that donation and her family's anguish in the aftermath. And Rebecca lived and taught in Memphis. She donated to the Memphis School I selected on my giving page.

Damn, my fan girl crush on Rebecca is so big right now. This song is for you Rebecca!

And now the even better news: The Science Bloggers for Students Challenge has been extended!

Superstorm Sandy disrupted many lives, especially those of students and teachers in New York and New Jersey. The Science Bloggers for Students campaign has been extended to this Friday, November 9. This gives our East Coast Science Blogger Friends a chance to get back into the competition. In fact, the DonorChoose Board is hosting a special Match code for the Science Blog Challenge. At the check out type in SCIENCE and donations are doubled up to $100. Thank you!

Plus many are hosting special drives just for classrooms in the storm-affected area. See Doing Good Science Challenge 2012 Giving page and Terra Sig's Post-Sandy Science Drive Giving Page. Janet is hosting her own Matching Funds Drive of sorts and David is a Jersey Kid, so this is very personal to him.. So, if you were looking to help out.

And since we have more time and I'm *just this close* to meeting my goal, I am adding a Sandy affected school as well. Ms Hanneman's Biology and Environmental Science Class of Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey: Urban Botanists DIG Plants. (All of the things warm his Around the Way (Scientist) Girl's heart!).

I feel good. With everyone's help we can get these projects fully funded.

Wow! I cannot say enough how thankful I am to to the 244 people and organizations that have donated over $23,000 to public school science classes all over the United States. We all thank you for your generosity and support. Among the Science Bloggers for Students Challenge, The Ocean & Geobloggers are still in the lead, but we are all doing our part to lend a hand to K-12 teachers and inspire future scientists and engineers. Thank you, again!