Mark your calendars. Set your coming to

Me and team of other zany public loving scientists will spend 2 whole days delivering fun hands-on science activities to families attending the ever awesome Geek Girl Con. To help cover travel and lodging costs of flying this motley crew from all around the nation, we had to raise over $6,000. And we did it, too!

As a big Thank You to donors, we promised to do funny, quirky acts of whimsy to show our thanks and entertain the masses. Like this when we reached $3, 500:

Invasion of the GeekGirlCon VS #DIYSciZone - Acts of Whimsy Body Snatchers Re-enactment GeekGirl Con 2014

Who did it geekier?

So in fulfillment of raising $5,500 I present to you all... The Hip Hop Science Quiz Show

Wednesday, October 8 at 8pm EST - via Google Hangout on Air.

Show Premise: What happens when a Scientist Hip Hop Maven has to prove her geeky chops? She hosts a Hip Hop Science Quiz Show and wrangles her awesomely zany and daring friends (and volunteers of the the DIYSciZone at Geek Girl Con 2014) to test their skillz!

Who said it: A Hip Hop Great or a Legendary Scientist?

Covered topics: Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Not sure what will happen, but I say prepare yourself for the hilarity!

UPDATE: Here's the Show. Enjoy!