Undergraduate College Students interested in Environmental Science Careers should apply this mentoring program to attend the annual science conference of Society of Wetland Scientists.

Attending professional science conferences is an important part of your academic training as a scientist. Conferences are essential networking opportunities for scholars and they also provide a platform to demonstrate your scientific skill and know how. The chance to meet fellow scholars and connect with possible collaborators and catch up with the latest innovations and discoveries is especially important for scholars from under-represented groups. Therefore, I encourage all eligible undergraduate students who are interested in ecology, conservation, environmental science, agriculture, natural resources, limnology, freshwater ecology and any other related or parallel field to check out this mentoring program.

The Society for Wetland Scientists Undergrad Mentoring Program is a fellowship to attend a professional science conference which will cover the expenses to attend a scientific conference, but will also connect students with mentors and networks of other scientists across the nation. The goal is to provide a quick ramp to a scholarly career in wetland science and associated environmental, ecological, and conservation research careers for students from traditionally under-represented groups. Join the ranks of emerging ecology leaders who have also benefited from this award.

Successful applicants will receive:

  1. Travel expenses (including airfare, hotel room, meals and conference fees) for the SWS Annual Meeting.
  2. Mentors to provide guidance and career advice.
  3. Special activities to introduce participants to postgraduate and career opportunities and meet professionals from diverse fields.
  4. The opportunity to present research posters.
  5. Access to a network of wetland science professionals.
  6. The opportunity to join a growing community of students who have already participated in our program.
  7. Membership in SWS for one year following the award.

The deadline to apply for this program is November 7. So get on it. Request a letter of recommendation TODAY, then gather your materials, and make completing this application a priority for your To-Do List. Do it this weekend. The application is online.

Please be prepared to provide the following in your application:

Copy of your transcript

Statement of your long-term research interests and career goals (500 words)

– List of any professional/scientific meetings you have attended

– List of any publications you might have

– List of any paid or volunteer experiences related to your interest in ecology

– Abstract of the research you will present at the conference (250 words, optional)

Name and contact information of a faculty sponsor who will send a letter of recommendation

Best of luck. Here's the link for application again. SWS Undergram Mentoring Program online Application.