I beleive in listening to what universe is trying to tell me. I stare at the 'noise'. I search for patterns, that seem non-existent or non-sensical. I observe. A LOT. I believe it makes me good at what I do. It's also why I do what I do. I surveyed my options and decided an academic science career was a good fit for me.

I'm perceptive. This is good for reading people and shifts in alliances and direction. This is also not so good - when you do want to or not quite ready to shift your goals or plans. Sigh.

I've felt heavy. The weight of the realities of being women, women of color, persons from working class communities, being LGBTQA, being differently abled, being indigeious, being spiritual - being OTHER is tremendous and heavy.

This was in my newsfeed today

I’ve faced sexual assault, harassment and discrimination as a female scientist. My complaints were dismissed. 

By Julia O'Hean in the Washington Post. 

More observational data to support the very important Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE): Trainees Report Harrassment and Assault by Clancy, Nelson, Rutherford & Hinde 2014.

Sigh. And I've been relating very much lately with many of the Academic Quit Pieces coming out lately, especially from those in the sciences.

Then I thought about what it is I really want to do. What I enjoy. What I would rather be doing, and why. And I came to an honest conclusion. I like doing this. I like doing experiments, mind-tinkering on hypotheses and experimental design. I like sharing science with others. I love when other people share their science with me. I don't like mean people. I don't like oppressive systems or inequality or inequity.

The jackasses of the world don't deserve to (continue to) dominate the sciences. And I want all of the young scholars, especially the many young women who email me to know that I'm not quiting any time soon. I may be a little salty, but I'm not calling quits - and neither should you.