Hearts and Prayers to Moore, Oklahoma.

I was sound asleep and was completely unaware of the weather and tragedy happening back home. A very bad tornado hit Oklahoma - just south of Oklahoma City. I began getting messages on Twitter, Facebook, and via email asking if I was still in Africa or not. I am. I'm still here in Tanzania.

The storm hit Moore, Oklahoma which is south of Oklahoma City. That's about 2 hours away from where I live and work - Stillwater. I've gotten word that Stillwater, Oklahoma State University, and nearby areas are fine. (I've had nightmares of tornadoes ripping the building apart where the rats are staying, they escape, breed and biggest new invasive species in North America changes the landscape forever. Please know that the rats are safe and contained.)

But the devastation and loss of life from this Tornado has me feeling heavy of heart. If you'd like to assist, then please check out these recommendations and resources provided by my awesome Intern - who lives in Oklahoma and it was a close call for her (she lives not far from Moore.) She's fine, but our neighbors are not. So please, check out the recommendations she offers and assist in any way you can.

Be safe friends.