April 11, 2014 would have been Dr. Julian Percy's 115th Birthday and it was a beautiful site to behold - seeing today's Google Doodle honoring the man and his science.

"Dr. Julian’s story is a fascinating one and I encourage you to read over the ACS and Wikipedia entries. As you might imagine, he faced discrimination but also managed to find the opportunity for education, including his doctoral studies at the University of Vienna. Dr. Julian turned to private industry for employment after becoming frustrated with the academic pathway. Along the way he founded his own company and nonprofit research institute." — Read the rest of this amazing post written by the incredible Drugmonkey at "Faces of Neuropsychopharmacology: Percy L. Julian, Ph.D."

Additional tributes to Dr. Julian are listed below. Check them all out and share generously.

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And be sure to watch this PBS Nova Program, Forgotten Genius, about Dr. Julian with your family and/or students.