I mostly dropped some hints on Twitter and Facebook, but now I am officially announcing it:

Trumpet blares: I have transferred to Cornell University. I'm doing the same work, continuing my post doc, but I have a new glammy shingle to hang on my door, embossed insignia on my business card:

Last fall I was working at a mad, mad pace since returning from Tanzania to complete as many laboratory behavior experiments as I could. Our animal research protocols were expiring (this is very common in science). When I returned to the States in July 2013, my boss - the PI - and the graduate students were packing up.

I left Oklahoma in December and lived a somewhat nomadic life for a couple of months before finally making it to Ithaca the first of March. Whew! It is great here. Well, it's Cornell. It's an Ivy - so I am over the moon about that, #RealTalk. From the Red Lands to the Land of Big Red, how's that for connections, eh? But everyone has been so nice and helping me get settled in and acclimated. It's so refreshing, even if the weather is like north Westeros most of the time.

It's also so exciting to be at a university that has an amazing imprint on science outreach. Cornell is home to Carl Sagan and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. I am among my people - Outreach Scientists.

So, I feel it is only perfect and opportune for my official Hey, Ithaca! I'm here Tweetup should be at a public Science Outreach event.

*clears throat*

Please join me Friday, April, 11 at Yuri's Night at the Fuertes Observatory.

Yuri's Night is a Worldwide Space & Science Party commemorating space exploration. Yuri Gagaran, a Russian Cosmonaut, was the first person launched into space and we celebrate his pioneering and brave spirit. So come out and have an awesome time...and meet me!

Full Details:

Friday, April 11, 2014

7:30 pm

Fuertes Observatory

North Campus, Cornell University

209 Cradit Farm Drive

Ithaca, NY 14850

Presented by the Cornell Astronomical Society & Fuertes Observatory. You can get more information and RSVP at their Facebook page, here.

They are asking for $3 donation for the snacks.

Can't wait to see you there.