Back by popular demand. The DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon ‘14! I and my Science-y friends are returning to Seattle to join our friend and founder of the #DIYSciZone, Ray Burks, to bring real-live science to #GGC14 con attendees young and old, and we need your help bringing it back.

What is the DIY Science Zone? The zone is a hands-on, weekend-long extravaganza that makes science accessible to everyone, whether or not they have their own lab goggles at home. It’s open to all ages, and all levels of experience–and all equipment is provided.

At GeekGirlCon ‘13, more than 350 people participated in experiments ranging from making their own neurons, to crime-scene fingerprinting, to dancing raisins.

This year we’ll mix it up a bit with invisible ink, DNA extraction, dice roll science, slime-making, Cartesian drivers, making light, laser rules, pocket solar systems, and many more!

In order to make this drop-in science fun once again available to everyone, we need to raise $6000 to provide travel support for the Zone Volunteers to get to the con, as well as for equipment, materials, and prizes.

In exchange for your generosity to support the zone and you get to see us - DIYSciZone volunteers - do silly things! Acts of Whimsy. As you donate and the fund reaches milestones you’ll get entertaining prizes.

Like this

And this AVTR Driver supports the DIY Science Zone at GeekGirlCon

And this: @_adverbia doing a TRULY AWFUL COSPLAY

In fact, thanks to the very recent and most amazingly-generous-lump-sum donation from Anonymous, I’m already behind be completing my first AoW for reaching $3500. (Thanks Anon. We love you!)

@DrMRFrancis and I will each act out short scene of a sci-fi movie. He will act out the scene with a hand puppet and I’ll re-enact it, too - sans puppets - just me and over-the-top self. You all will get to decide which re-enactment you preferred.

And we're almost done. With your help we can put a bow on the entire fundraiser this weekend!

At $5500 I will doing an Act of Whimsy - Hosting a DIYSciZone Google Hang Out Game Show.

“Who said that? Is it a song lyric or line from a science paper.”

You can @ me with recommended quiz questions.

It’s gonna be fun. I hope you can make it and thank you for your support. Click the donation button below.

In case that doesn't work, the email link right here.