The National Science & Technology News Service's own Jamilah Bey has been given the opportunity to create a new online journalism forum: The Sex Politics And Religion Network. It will be an online forum and an iTunes podcast. It will be the perfect place to continue and expand many of the science, science literacy, and science outreach initiatives I've shared here on this blog.

From Jamilah:

My show, the Sex, Politics and Religion Hour, or SPAR, will focus on the beating that the First Amendment seems to be taking at this point. I will produce 30 half-hour long shows and take on all topics separation of State and Church, in addition to reporting on First Amendment freedom, politics, and science policy issues. It'll be a forum for discussion and insight, and actual reporting and investigation.

With your help, (and the help of the people that are a part of your network), I’ll produce stories that will deeply examine the news and news makers to help Americans better understand that the First Amendment can only survive if it’s allowed to stand in the sunshine.

And everyone who contributes $100 or more gets an autographed copy of my upcoming book on the role that religion plays in the lives of African American women.

It's a super great opportunity to support independent news and diverse science news coverage, too. Please join me in supporting this effort. Here's the link!