My hands are full. Life and research are busy. If I learned nothing else in Dissertation Support Group, then I at least learned the importance of asking for help when you need it. I need help. I would like to take on a social media intern to help me stay on top of this little corner of my world. I am using Twitter more and more and I see the value in using it to engage audiences and distribute posts and relevant science outreach information.

I put out on Twitter via #DivSciWri that I would like a Social Media Intern. I got some queries and realize I need a way to vet candidates. Then I thought, what better way to vet a social media intern is via a contest.

The Project:

Create a List of African-American Science Twitterati. Since Storify is one of my favorite tools, I want the final product presented in a slideshow format (easier to post on the page). An example. Have fun with it, be creative. It's okay to use existing list that I or others have assembled. In the wake of all of the attention from my ordeal, people are reaching out to me wanting to know who to follow on Twitter and contact for online twitter chats. There is expertise across all of the STEM fields. I want a list of those people that people ought to follow, but may not know about.

The list of the selected applicant will be published on the blog to announce the winner of my Social Media Internship.

What I need: Social media errand runner

- Help with research and online queries to prep for blog posts

- Signal boosting posts/tweets

- Curating tweets and STEM info to disseminate to online audiences

Selection Criteria:

- Demonstrative experience with various social media tools

- Creation of a(relatively comprehensive and useful list of (active) African American Science Twitteratti

-Promptness. I will consider candidates as applications are submitted, so if I get an application I'm especially impressed with I'm hiring.


- Undergraduate or recently graduated college students interested in science communication. (Any major is fine.)


- 2-3 hours of work per week

- In exchange for this, I will pay $125 per month (pay via paypal), paid bi-weekly.

- I will also assist with helping you cultivate and pitch pieces for larger outlets, and connect you to additional science communication mentors, i.e. exposure and access to some paying gigs if you're so inclined.

To apply:

Submit an email (My Twitter handle at me dot com) with the subject line: Social Media Intern application

As an inline text send the equivalent of a one page resume of your science communication and social media experience.

Be sure to include your contact info and social media handles and urls.

Include the link & embed code for the final project: African American Science Twitteratti.

Best of luck