Dispatches from Tanzania (art work by @Lalsox) 

I may be in Tanzania on a Zoological Research mission, but I'm having have other 'scientific experiences' as well. I've decided to create a sub series of posts, sharing my Tanzania experiences from A to Z. I'll try to go in alphabetical order. First we have the letter A.

A is for Archaeology.

I went on a weekend holiday to Iringa. (See Tanzania Region and Road map.) I was hanging with new friends I made -- all of us Expats living in Morogor0 for an extended period, working/studying in Morogoro. The drive was quite beautiful. Saw some wildlife along the way, but it wasn't without its drama.

Giraffe I saw along the roadside, eating from a tree in near Mikumi National Park

The vehicle we were in stalled on the highway just an hour before sunset.

Can you tell I was not amused? Caption this photo.

But we got it back up and running. It ran out of gas. Yes, we did fill it up before leaving, but we didn't realize there were 2 gas tanks and we only filled to 'small' tank.

And the drive and drama was completely worth it. Iringa was beautiful and the holiday was peaceful (salaama). We visited Isimila Stone Age Site and Natural Pillars. The site had a variety of (naturally occurring) stone age tools used by very early humans.

Here are more photos from the trip (safari).