This is what a scientist looks like between experiments.

Catalog the local flora on my trapping grids..
Seriously, if you know what this is, I'd like to know. Credit: Lali DeRosier
Check Social Media between wrangling pouched rats.
I miss my locs for real, yo. Credit: Lali DeRosier
Taking a selfie to check my hair... The Mamas in the department would always remind me when it was time to get my hair re done. I can stretch it out another week I think. Credit: Lali DeRosier
Play with Track development changes in baby pouched rats. Credit: Lali DeRosier
Reclaim discarded bamboo cuts, smooth them out and make durable water and food bowl for my pouched rats. Dang, I was field season fine right here.
Credit: Lali DeRosier
Rest up and catch a smile with friends and research assistants. Credit: Lali DeRosier

I'm missing everyone at SUA Pest Management right now. I can't wait until I return again, hopefully with my own crew of students examining pouched rat behavior and ecology.