As a kid I loved examining postage from other countries and I especially loved postcards. Part photograph, part souvenir, part journal, part data recorder. A simple 4x6 card held a lot of wonder to me. So whenever I've travel anywhere I've sent postcards to friends, to family, even to folks I've never met telling them about the scene in the picture and my experiences in that new place. It's so exciting to me!

And since this is a major research expedition, I'll have plenty to say about the experience of travel (to Africa for the first time), local food, culture, people, and definitely about the nature and wildlife encounters I have. Want a Postcard from Tanzania?

I have a open policy on postcards. I'll send a postcard, handwritten, stamped and postmarked from location to anyone anyplace. However, I do have a collection plate making the rounds, so I kindly ask for donations to help cover the cost of postage. I thank all of you who wish me well, pray for my safety and productivity and I have some tokens of appreciation for anyone who is able to donate to my modest campaign.

All donors get a commemorative #DispatchesDNLee Postcard thank you note. Please give me your mailing address. Thanks to @Lalsox for the design.

Donor levels

Anyone + All donors at any level postcard from Tanzania

All donors: Acknowledgment on my blog. If you want, of course, please share your name and city, website/blog and/or Twitter)

$5+: Thank you note plus above (please be sure to share your mailing address or email with me so can send you my thanks)

$25+: Photo thank card plus above (address needed)

$50+: 8x10 frame-able photo plus above

$150+: 7x9 soft cover photobook plus above

$250+ 8x11 hard cover photo book plus other donor gifts at the $50 level

$500+: video call Q&A session from Tanzania, weekly post card updates, 8x11 hard cover photo book plus other donor gifts at the $50 level