Three weeks in and I'm back in the field - trapping.  The heart and soul of the work I do in Tanzania is the Capture-Mark-Recapture study. I am fortunate enough to work with some of the most experienced pest researchers and pouched rat experts the world. These amazing individuals don't get the credit they deserve.

Me, holding marking flags talking with my team before we bait and set traps in one of our shamba grids. In the truck: Shabani Lutea - this man is the most experienced pouched rat natural history person in the world. He literally is a rat whisperer. Standing: Genithon Mhampfi - he's a researcher studying various rodent pest abatement techniques.

These men keep the "lights on" if you will, with this study when I'm in the States. I'll be sharing more about the great work they and other scientists in my host department, Pest Management Center of Sokoine University of Agriculture, during my #AfricanSTEM highlights.

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