Thank you very much! Thanks to so many people's feed back I was able to add more names and links my lists identifying STEM scholars and professionals of color. Each of the previous posts in this series have been updated.

Identifying the Top STEM Professionals of Color – getting started

The Root 100 2012: Nominate Black Scientists & Engineers

African-American Science Bloggers, Writers, and Tweeters

Twitter is quickly becoming the go-to place for individuals to connect to information as well as to other people. It doesn't matter how many miles or time zones there are, Twitter means no one is truly separated from others. And the effort to promote broader reach and interconnectedness between science and the communities we serve, Twitter is on the front line. Here is a beginning list of organizations and Twitter Lists of that promote diversity and inclusion in education, career and discourse.

STEM Diversity Organizations on Twitter

organizations focused on outreach, education, and inclusion of broader audiences to STEM

Professional Societies

Association for Women in Science (AWIS) @AWISNational

American Association for University Women, STEM Division (AAUW STEM) @AAUWSTEM

National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP) @BlackPhysicists

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) @NSBE

Association Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi) @ABPscSC

African Astronomical Society (AfAS) @AfricaAstronomy: Pan-African professional society for astronomers. Website

FASEB MARC Program @FASEBMARC: promotes diversity in the life sciences by providing access to resources & training for students, postdocs and faculty from underrepresented groups. Website

Women of Color Technology Magazine @WOCTechnology: Hosts an annual Women of Color STEM Conference and Awards Program plus the magazine features profiles of Women Engineers and Technologists. Website

Independent and Non-profit STEM organizations.

Blacks In Technology (BiT), @get_bit: Coalition of technology thought leaders who have come together to highlight the impact black people have in impacting innovation. Website

Ernest Everett Just Foundation, Inc., @EEJFI_STEM: Program For The Advancement of Science Among Minority Youth. Website

Black Girls Code @BlackGirlsCode: a STEM education outreach program for girls Website

Sisters In Science (SIS) @SI_Science: Premiere location for access to information concerning the success of minority women in the sciences

SEM Link Inc @semlink: Nonprofit organization that promotes K-12 student achievement and career exploration in math and science. Website

Go to Guide for Alt-White Academics on Twitter by Discipline

TressieMc assembled these lists of Academics of Color on Twitter

Alt-White Education

Alt-White Social Scientists

Alt-White Humanities

Alt-White STEM

Alt-White Think Tanks/Associations

Anymore? Who’s missing from this list?