Happy Pi Day.

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

Posted by Urban Science Adventures! © on Monday, March 14, 2016

3.1416 - that's as far as I have ever remembered the value for Pi. And Lookit. That's today's date.

But what is Pi exactly?

Pi is the relationship between the diameter  (width of a circle) and it's circumference (the distance around the outside of the circle. Ok, I admit it. I had to look it up.

courtesy of wikipedia

But hey, don't take my and wikipedia's word for it. Go out and see for your self. 

Try this!

1. Take a cylinder such as a can or cannister.

2. Take a piece of string (yarn, ribbon, tape, etc) secure it across the exact middle of of the top. 

3. Measure that piece out (mark it or cut a piece).

4. Repeat this step or use the original string to cut out 3 additional pieces of string.

5. Now stretch out a longer piece of string.

6. Wrap another piece of string around the can. Mark or cut that piece.

Now lay out your strings and compare.