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The Urban Scientist

A hip hop maven blogs on urban ecology, evolutionary biology & diversity in the sciences

Travel Awards for College Students to attend Botanical Society Meetings

Undergraduate Diversity Travel Awards to Botanical Society of America MeetingsThe PLANTS program (funded by the National Science Foundation and Botanical Society of America) encourages the participation of undergraduates from underrepresented groups at the annual meetings of the BSA and affiliated organizations (this year in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 27-31, 2013)...

February 27, 2013 — DNLee

#sci4all: Making Science Allies essential to promoting #STEM

More and more I realize that having a scientifically literate public is imperative. As much as we hear news stories about new jobs and economic relief that STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) will have on our nation and our lives, the truth is, if individuals aren't ready for these great new, high-paying opportunities then that idyllic life will pass them by...

February 23, 2013 — DNLee

On Ethics and Self-Policing in (Citizen) Science

Science is experiencing a boost in enthusiasm and participation from the Citizen Science Movement. For those familiar it conjures up images of kids, adults and seniors counting birds or counting stars at night...

February 22, 2013 — DNLee

Black History Month: Sharing news of Achievement, Innovation & Inspiration in STEM and other fields

It is easier to cultivate a pre-existing interest in STEM fields than create it where none exists, states the report…Of the STEM disciplines, male students tend to gravitate toward fields of engineering and technology, while females far prefer science fields, including chemistry, biology, environmental science, and marine biology...Ethnically, Asian Americans express the highest interest in STEM fields, both currently and historically...

February 5, 2013 — DNLee

#Scio13 Diversity Session: North Carolina offers support to LGBT students

On Thursday, January 31, 2013 I will be co-moderating a ScienceOnline Session on Diversity in the Sciences with Alberto Roca of audience will surely have many individuals interested in this topic as we explore many different avenues of diversity and inclusion in sciences and higher education...

January 29, 2013 — DNLee

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