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A hip hop maven blogs on urban ecology, evolutionary biology & diversity in the sciences

Florida teen charged with felony for trying science

News of Kiera Wilmot’s arrest has seriously unnerved me. She is the Florida high school student who was experimenting with common household chemicals in science class that resulted in a minor explosion.

May 1, 2013 — DNLee

#DispatchesDNLee: Settling Back Into Morogoro

I am back and ready to work. Kind of. LOL, this heat and humidity is kicking my butt. What was I thinking coming back in the rainy season? Oh, yeah, I gotta know how the different seasonal patterns may affect natural history of the Pouched Rats.

April 28, 2013 — DNLee

#DispatchesDNLee: Ninafika Morogoro, Tanzania!

I safely arrived to Mororgoro Tanzania on Wednesday afternoon, April 17. While most of my friends in the States and Canada were rising from their sleep, I was happy to see the cloud-covered Uluhuru mountains high in the sky.

April 19, 2013 — DNLee

#DispatchesDNLee: Departing for Tanzania today

Mambo! I'm departing today for Tanzania. I'm actually looking forward to returning to the field. (I love field work and the chance to get dirty, travel and experience the world from different perspectives.) I'm telling you, being a field ecologist is the best!

April 15, 2013 — DNLee

#DispatchesDNLee: Tanzania from A to Z - Cell Phone Technology

During my visit to Tanzania in Summer 2012, I began a series of posts sharing my experiences in Tanzania from A to Z.C is for Cell Phone TechnologyI attended the Blogging from Developing Nations Panel at ScienceOnline 2012, to prepare for my visit to Tanzania.

April 9, 2013 — DNLee

#DispatchesDNLee: T-minus 10 days (until Tanzania)

I will be departing the United States for Tanzania, Africa. I am actually quite excited about the return. I'm looking forward to returning to the field, seeing how things may have changed, remained the same, everything.

April 5, 2013 — DNLee

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