5. Fast, affordable Computers. Once upon a time computers would take up entire floors in buildings. The original Super Computer, the CDC 6600, could have easily earned its moniker because that's how much square footage it took up at University of California at Berkeley. By the time I was introduced to computers - the mid 1980s - I was impressed with TI-99 with is huge box motherboard, dashboard like keyboard and drive and those blocky letters. You couldn't tell us nothing! Now computers are smaller, faster, sleeker and more affordable than ever! And ubiquitous...we have computer technology in devices that we never had before - palm devices, watches, and some medicine delivery devices. Awesome.

4. Tablet devices. You know you love your iPad, Galaxy Tablet, Kindle, Nook. Just think about it: You can now house and carry an entire library of books, magazines, and newspapers in your brief case or purse.

3. Video Games. Young folks have always loved video games. I had a bad case of Pac-Man Fever, though I sucked at the game. But if challenged me to a game of Centipede or Q-bert, then be prepared for a spanking. The Video Game Industry is a Multi-billion dollar industry. With a B! And video games are just about fantasy, fun and hand-eye calisthenics, there are a host of educational interactive games as well. And it's all Computer Science,


2. The Internet. The World Wide Web is a cultural icon. It is completely re/shaping how we behave, interact with others, and share information. It touches every aspect of life.

1. The Smart Phone. You probably love your smart phone more than our pet. The Smart Phone has allowed us to compress items 5-4 and put it in the palm of our hands.

I may not understand how the gears work, but I know I enjoy blogging, and sharing, and playing the occasional game and that alone is reason enough for me to celebrate Computer Science Education. Someone tinkering around in class and after class has made it possible for me (and you) to take all of this technology for granted. So, let's take a little time to reflect. Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) is about helping to promote computer science education and raise awareness of computing to everyone. It's simple.

I took the Pledge, and so can you. Plus, you can join others and prominent figures from the computer science and technology community on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. ET as @CSEdWeek hosts a nationwide conversation on a variety of issues in computer science education. Follow #CSEdWeek to join in the celebration!

How are you celebrating Computer Science Education Week? Can you name more reasons to celebrate Computer Science and Technology?