At some point today, I got a whole mess of new twitter followers who (I hope) are coming to check out the blog. Here are a few links to some of the best and most popular posts, to give a sense of the things I like to write about.

Here is a quick introduction.

Here are a few of the most popular posts:

Whale Snot

Whale Poop

Does Oral Sex Confer An Evolutionary Advantage? Evidence From Bats

Your Kid's Newest Art Critic

And a few of my personal favorites:

Giant Birds and Terrified Monkeys

Elephants Say "Bee-ware!"

Are Those Dogs Playing or Fighting?

And a favorite from the old blog, that I haven't imported yet: The Russian Fox Study. Imported it.

Finally, tell me who you are in the comments and how you found me! (And veteran readers who are until-now lurkers: feel free to tell me who you are as well!)