Just a quick note to share the news that I'll be on participating in a panel about dolphins, animals in captivity, and the award-winning documentary The Cove tonight. The live TV show is called Take Part Live, which is co-hosted by the incredibly talented science writer (and my friend) Cara Santa Maria. It's on an exciting new channel called Pivot TV.

If you have Dish or DirecTV, you definitely get Pivot. If you have Time Warner, you do not. I'm not sure about other providers. You can use this tool to find out if you get Pivot, and if so, what channel: http://find.pivot.tv/. I'll try to share the segment later if it winds up on Youtube.

Participate in the conversation by tweeting to me, to hosts Cara and Jacob Soboroff, and to Take Part Live.

The show airs tonight at 9pm Pacific and midnight eastern, with repeat airings tomorrow (as they say, check your TV listings).