I'm going to be participating in a Google+ Hangout "On Air" tomorrow night. Google+ Hangouts are multi-user video-chats, but they're limited to 10 users. Hangouts "On Air" are, apparently, open to everyone to watch (though limited in the number of people who can actively participate, or something like that).

Anyway, AV Flox (twitter, G+), who is currently editor of the Relationships and Health sections of BlogHer.com, asked me to participate in an On-Air Hangout that she's organizing, tomorrow, January 11, at 7pm Pacific. The topic is how writers write.

She writes:

On Wednesday, January 11, at 7:00PM Pacific, I'm going to sit down and try out this Hangouts on Air thing finally. I've invited a couple of my friends to come along.

Mark Jeffrey is the author of the science fiction young adult series Max Quick, published by HarperCollins. Recently, Jeffrey transitioned to more adult themes with his new Armand Ptolemy series.

Cat Valente is author of books I'd hesitate to label as fantasy only because they include more truths than I've ever encountered in non-fiction and more beauty than any poetry, including The Labyrinth, Yume No Hon: The Book of Dreams, Palimpsest, and the series The Orphan's Tales among many others.

Jackie Summers is a blogger whose personal narrative is arresting in its detail and beauty. He is currently the editor-at-large at the Good Men Project, a blog dedicated to issues that concern the modern man.

Jason Goldman is a blogger on the Scientific American network. His science writing has appeared in two compilations of the best science writing online. He occasionally writes for old media.

We'll be talking about where we get our ideas, whether we edit as we go, whether we like to share as we go along or keep it to ourselves and all kinds of other strange writerly habits.

I think you'll be able to view the Hangout from any of our Google+ pages (which are all linked, above). In any case, I will figure out a way to put out the batsignal with a link on G+ and on twitter.

So, this is all a bit of an experiment, but it should be interesting and informative. We all write about such different things.